Welcome by Thanakim

thats me

I'm born in Thailand
but my Heart is  German

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I was born in Thailand and Grown up here for 17 Month.

with 1 year i start to walking. This is a little problem for my Daddy,
because i been a little bit naughty and he must follow me all the time.

My Daddy bring me to Kindergarten when i was 1 Year and 4 Month,
i like it here i'm have many friends but now we need to move to Germany.
My Daddy say in Germany we have a better life and i find new friends and
we try to make a good Family
eat I been 1 Year and 4 Month. Can eat alone, don't need my Daddy.
I'm a BIG Boy now.

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some picture of me
My first Hair design by Zing
Training for wintertime in Germany
Travel with Daddy
Could in Germany
My first Snow
Chiemsee with Daddy
Nice Mountain on Chiemsee
Play on Snow
oh, so alone
auf der Alm
need sleep after a hard day
help me. it's so could here
Merry Christmas in Cologne
my first Girlfriend
first Birthday, now i been 1 Year
Pooltime with Daddy
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Experience Thailand

I have no good memory of Thailand. Maybe I do not know any Thai people. Only I know a girl and she steals 1.5 years of our lives. She wants to make a family, but they do not make a job and money for my father. Maybe she wants to control him. It makes our life a hell. You leave us in this country without money, how bad a person can be? My father needs money for a visa, but she gives her boyfriend lots of money and not Dad. We must leave Thailand, no money, no visa, no life in Thailand. People say they have a lot of money, maybe or not. I'm not interested. She can be happy with money, she will never have true friends or family. I have my family with dad and maybe we find a good mother for me. I am a baby and I just want to grow up. I do not want to remember this time, I do not want to be sad I hope my father never tells me this story. We are a very strong team. I am sure we have a life of happiness, we do not need big money, we have our love.

I was born in Thailand but I am a German boy, maybe I never see Thailand again in my life but this is not a loss